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TV Acting  (Level 2)

Trainers 导师

CKay Lim

Abigail Chay

Chen Bi Feng 


Chong Bee Bee

Linda Choi    蔡平开

NOTE: Level 2 is for those who completed Level 1 and based on Trainer's invitation.

This level is aimed to further enhance the acting skills you have mastered in Level 1. Level 2 is crucial for those who are striving to be actors because we will coach you on all aspects of filming - including the how-tos of acting on set, acting with co-actors, camera blockings, etc. 

Chen Bi Feng 陈碧凤
CKay Lim 
Abigail Chay 
Linda Choy (Er Gu)
Chong Bee Bee (Senior Casting Director)

Based on the results of previous batches, Zoomers tend to clinch bigger roles as compared to others during casting. Reason being that they display profound acting techniques, which are what directors and producers are looking for. 

Level 2 is ESSENTIAL for individuals who wants to a breakthrough in the TV industry. Furthermore, casting opportunities are guaranteed with Mediacorp Chinese Drama Division and also other renowned freelance casting directors, ensuring a faster way to secure roles in dramas or movies. 

Coupled with the skills taught in Zoom! Academy, you can be prepared to see your acting career take flight as you get increasingly professional with growing acting opportuities. 

Completing the course, Level 2 students will be arranged for audition in Mediacorp Chinese Drama Division as well as other production houses castings. Zoomers who completed Level 2 will be also feature in Zoom Group's WebTV (www.zoomtv.sg) " Facets of LIfe" reality programme. 


#1:  Photography Shoot and Actor's Marketing Fundamentals 

#2:  Acting with Our Senses /Intimacy/Empathy & Intuition  / The Art of Concentration

#3:  The Art of Acceptance & The Art of Not Knowing  
#4:  The Art of Giving & Receiving and Scriptings                   

#5:  Comedy Acting with Abigail Chay     

#6:  声音掌控和語言訓練   Voice Training (Mandarin)

#7:  华文稿训练营 (1) Drama Script Drill Camp (1)           

#8:  华文稿训练营 (2)  Drama Script Drill Camp (2)  

#9:  Intensive Casting Training with Chong Bee Bee

 #10:  Camera Blockings & 5 mins Scene Play Rehearsal

(another proposed date for - 5 mins Short Scene Filming)    


Once per week, weekday evening/weekend, 1.5 hours


$700, 8 lessons 

6-8 pax 

End of the course, you will get,

1. Certificate of Completion
2. Edited Video Show on Scene Play production.
3. Skills preparation to castings and auditions.

4. Professional Photo shoot

5. Mediacorp Chinese Drama Division Audition.

6. 'Live' casting by Chong Bee Bee

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Zoomer Sherraine on magazine photoshoot

Zoomer Joyce on Mediacorp Channel 5 drama

TV Acting Level 2 class with Trainer Er Gu and Trainer Abigail

Short Film Production with Zoomers from TV Acting Level 2