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Zoom! Celebrity Trainers
(Ministry of Education registered trainers)

Star Trainers

  • Chen Bi Feng, 陈碧凤
  • Li Wen Hai 李文海
  • Abigail Chay , 谢季
  • CKay Lim, 林志强
  • Chong Bee Bee

Chen Bi Feng (陈碧凤)


Chen Bi Feng (陈碧凤)





Li Wen Hai (李文海)
is a veteran
Singaporean actor. He has acted in various Singaporean television dramas.

CKay Lim 


He is a TV/Stage actor, bilingual show host and a drama trainer. He began his career doing minor roles as a child artist in the local TV industry, while also participating in theatre performing groups for stage plays, to realise his dream to act. CKay is trained in Mass Communication and Theatre Studies. 


With over 18 years of teaching experience, he had taught many local primary and secondary schools for Speech and Drama as well as in TV Acting and Public Speaking. His skills and passion for acting and hosting just get stronger with time! Even up till today, CKay frequently appears on Channel 8 and Channel 5 dramas, playing prominent roles. 

His first movie blockbuster role, playing as ‘Mr-Foo (Mr. Pink colour), was the lead supporting cast in the Kelvin Tong’s local movie Men-In-White. After the success launch of the movie, an internet voting was conducted and Mr-Foo’s role brought a 153% increase in CKay’s popularity.


Apart from acting, CKay is also a popular bilingual host in the eyes of event companies. He performs predominantly in leading the audience into joyous mood, which brought success to events and even more hosting assignments rolling his way! Show hosting is one of his forte and interest. He is a popular host for many government agencies, corporate companies, event management companies as well as production houses. CKay had also appeared in several TV commercials, sung in charity galas, events and concerts as well as performed backing vocals.


To date, CKay have groomed and trained over 600+ talents in the field of acting and hosting, across all ages. He believes that every individual who has the dream to act or perform should be given the chance to be professionally trained and he shows the strings to all his students with no hold back.

Prominent artistes groomed by CKay are Xavier Ong, Kimberly Chia, Angel Yeung (JIA FM88.3) and Ellison Tan (JIA FM88.3), Vanessa Vanderstraaten (Ch.5 "The Final 1's Host),  "Ah Boys To Men" - Aizuddiin, Charles Goh and Kid actor Chloe Ng (nominated ch8 Star Awards, Best Kids Actor award, 青苹果奖) and many more shining full-time actors and hosts.

Abigail Chay (

Be trained by celebrity coach, Ms. Abigail Chay in both acting and hosting.

She has vast experiences in teaching and performing since young.

Experienced actress and host, Abigail is also an in-house trainer at Zoom! Academy.
She participates and leads group to stage public performances along with Trainer Zakk Lim. Abigail also appraises the graduating work of students of Zoom! Academy with Er Gu.

Abigail has also been training kids and adults in community centres as well as some government schools. She has since trained over 500+ students in Zoom Academy since 2008.

Miss Chong Bee Bee

Ms. Chong Bee Bee is an experience freelance casting director who has a wide array of experience is casting for movies, dramas, TVCs, Corporate Videos, etc. She has been in the industry for more than 20 years and have cast actors not only in Singapore productions but also in overseas as well.

Having her in Zoom Academy gives our students a more insights on casting which every actor needs to know.