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Speech & Presentation Course for Children in English & Mandarin
(Level 1)


CKay Lim

Abigail Chay

Chen Bi Feng 陈碧凤

This course not only equips children with the relevant speaking skills but also allows children to step out of their comfort zone to express their feelings. Parents will find that their children are more sensitive towards the surroundings and more open to share their experience vocally. Children will learn through fun activities which will allow them to remember the classes for a long time.  

We have witnessed improvements in our students in their level of self-confidence especially when they are speaking infront of a crowd in class.

Students are also exposed to work projects in which they will work on a project and present it at the end of the course to the parents and trainers as their final work presentation.

Individuals are trained from vocal to scripting to speaking techniques in class.

#1: Voice Boot camp
- speaking with the right voice
- speaking with improvisation and pointers
#2: Speech Boot Camp
- Diction and Proper Pronunciation (English)
- speaking with a "first-on-first-out method
#3: 语音和声音掌控
#4: 咬字/语音训练
#5:  Script Writing and Preparation
- mind scripting
#6: Project work on presentation (group work)
#7:  Project Presentation Rehearsal
#8:Presentation of Project (Parents sit in)

Once per week, weekday evening/weekend, 1.5 hours


$450, 10 lessons 

* Early Bird Discount 20% = S$360

6-8 pax 

End of the course, you will get,

1. Certificate of Completion
2. Skills preparation to castings and auditions.

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