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Speak Loud, Speak Proud
Introduction to Public Speaking (3-6 yrs)
言语艺术培训 (儿童)

About this Course

In our signature introductory Speech Art course, kids will learn all the basic techniques of speeches and with visual aids to enhance their speaking skills both in English and Mandarin. 

They will learn about the types and purposes of delivery their speech in speaking out to their classmates. Students will be taught various ways to overcome and manage stage fear, nervousness, and anxiety. 

With the training and experience they obtain through our classes, students will become more powerful communicators in all aspects of communication. 

With our small class sizes and fun and engaging lessons, each student will be given personalized and customized coaching to guide them on their own unique journey of mastering speech and communication skills.

Learning through play,
In class, we present our content like a game, so our students won’t  be frightened of failing at it. We want to make it fun for our children and if we take the emphasis away from public speaking and move it more towards having fun then kids are less likely to be afraid of it. We want to give our students the chance to build on their successes. If we can minimize fear by changing the name then we believe we should do whatever is necessary.


1. Overcome stage fear
2. Builds confidence
3. Improves verbal communication skills
4. Strengthens your child’s sense of empowerment
5. Develops critical thinking skills



他们将在向同学讲话时了解他们演讲的类型和目的。学生将学习各种方法来克服和管理阶段恐惧,紧张和焦虑。 通过我们的课程获得的培训和经验,学生将成为沟通各方面更强大的沟通者。 通过我们的小班教学和有趣而有吸引力的课程,每个学生将获得个性化和定制的指导,以指导他们掌握语言和沟通技巧的独特旅程。 

通过游戏学习, 在课堂上,我们像游戏一样展示我们的内容,因此我们的学生不会因为失败而受到惊吓。我们希望让我们的孩子们感到有趣,如果我们把重点从公开演讲中移开,并将其更多地转向乐趣,那么孩子们就不太可能害怕它。








Course Details 课程表

Age : 3-6 yrs
Activities: Speech Art
Available Seats : 5 per class
Course Type : Bilingual
No. of lessons : 6 lessons
Price: S$350 nett

年龄 : 3-6 岁
课程活动 : 言语艺术
班数 : 5 人一班  
课程语言 : 双语 (中,英)
堂次 : 6堂课 
学费: S$350 净价

Trainer 导师

Nicole Yeap

Nicole is a Chinese Teacher with 12 years of teaching experience across various primary schools. 

She graduated with a Degree in Chinese Language and Literature. Her passion lies in Chinese Language and Chinese Culture.  

Besides teaching, Nicole is also a freelance makeup artist who participates in a variety of filming productions.