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Seniors Acting Intensive Grooming Course

An Intensive course with,
- celebrity trainers,
- M.O.E registered veteran trainers,
- trained skills
- auditions clip to send to TV station as part-time  actor
- acting job opportunity (if there's any casting, not guaranteed)
- actor's preparation to the industry, etc.

Trainers 导师

Seniors Acting Course (60yo & above)
乐龄特约演员培训班 (60岁以上)


This course, not only allows one to have an opportunity to be cast for roles for TV Dramas, advertisements. It also enriches you personally.

We aimed to allow Seniors into exploration in the world of acting and the industry. This course focuses on developing individual's inner-life acting and emotions + expressions evolvement from the heart.

The course involves in many group practical works rather than focuses on theory. We create a positive attitude and habit, allowing you to be able to express themselves effectively and of course, in higher level of self confidence in front of the camera.

Those whom have problems with self-confidence and presentation also came for the course to open up a new horizon to their life.

We are using simple drama scripts to train the seniors into acting with confidence, correct emotions and tone of voice infront of the camera.

This intensive course practically grooms seniors to be a professional working actors into the industry within a period of 3 months intensive trainings from acting skills to stunts to language and also productions.

This course is intensively trained by renowned actors, casting director and Trainers from the industry. The Trainers are 陈碧凤,曾诗梅,李文海,Abigail, CKay and Ho Ai Ling (Ms. Mole).

This course creates a path for those who are ready to get into the industry as an actor. With the skills trained and actor’s marketing knowledge plus opportunities connections, one can realise his/her dream as a working actor for local TV stations, production houses, etc.

Past Participants get practical acting experience from the platform Zoom! Academy provides and allow their acting career takes flight.

*During the course

As Zoom Academy is currently an agent with the TV Station and also production houses, should there's any opportunities arises for roles in drama, we will arrange the students to participate in the said drama by the TV station or Production houses.

*Towards to the end of the course,

Students will be arranged and brought up to the TV Station, chinese drama division for a one-to-one audition with the casting department. This will be the beginning of each individual acting career depending on the grades they are given by the casting executives from the TV station.

* AFTER the course
Our in-house Zoom Casting Assistant will include each student profiles into our talents pool page and be recommended to casting calls for actor in a daily basis.


Once per week, weekday evening or weekend, 1.5 hours


*S$1000 per course of 12 lessons

S$875 per term - Usual Price 

Total 12 lessons

6-8 pax 

End of the course, you will get,

1. Certificate of Completion with all trainers' names
2. Edited Video Show Reel of your monologue & Short Film
3. Skills preparation to castings and auditions.

4. Arranged to TV Station for audition.

5. Be in the Zoom Talents Pool for jobs placements.

6. FREE profile photoshoot by professional photographer!

Need more information? Send us an enquiry or call us at 81131708





  • 表演和摄影技术的业务,以提高演员的流利度,为演员的市场做准备。
  • 在课程之间,学生将接触市场机会,以便在工作的同时继续进行培训。
  • 个人将在不同阶段进行特别规划,以便在整个课程期间向市场推出任何表演机会。


  • 本课程介绍了表演技巧的主要元素。该课程为未来演员提供了一个框架,以揭示情节和人物优先事项的情节和目标。革命性的方法通过场景演奏动作
  • 内心独白和“路径”的概念。
  • 该课程还介绍了排练场景即兴创作的方法与内心独白一起练习。

  • 使用声音作为演员的乐器,演员学习解构技术,用于释放身体中的习惯性紧张并释放呼吸冲动,允许演员连接到真实的真实声音。
  • 演员学习呼吸姿势共鸣的基本原理和适用于普通美国英语的正确用语和口音减少的基本清晰度技巧。

  • 在这个强化培训课程中,我们已经逐步深入讲授发音/词典以及声音。

  • 本课程涉及电影和电视试镜的各个方面。演员将通过探索相机如何从舞台转换到电影以及如何习惯画面所需的物理调整来开发一种成功的相机试镜技术。

*目标的使用:找到它们并通过子文本的肢体语言将它们变为现实。 (该课程包括电视剧和电影的剧本。)



机会从培训和与铸造总监和制作公司的联系开始,包括我们唯一本地的电视台 -  新传媒Mediacorp。


这就像是一个“ON THE JOB”培训计划,在这个计划中,个人将从基础教学到精细化,从而改变演技的所有方面并成为演员!此后,个人将从那里处理他们自己的预订和代理工作。