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Kids Acting & Grooming
演員专业塑造班 '戏剧演艺培训‘


CKay Lim

Abigail Chay

Chen Bi Feng 陈碧凤

Priscelia Chan 曾诗梅
Li Wen Hai 李文海

Chong Bee Bee

Casting Director

This course not only equips children with the relevant acting skills but also allows children to step out of their comfort zone to express their feelings. Parents will find that their children are more sensitive towards the surroundings and more open to share their experience. Children will learn through fun activities which will allow them to remember the classes for a long time.  

Zoom! Academy has been invited by several production houses and Mediacorp for new faces for kids drama productions currently and for end of the year and future productions. Not to forget to mentioned that Zoom! Academy has groomed and brought fame to Kimberly Chia who is now a famous teenage icon in our local entertainment industry.

We are looking not into grooming kids talents in acting but also bringing out the talents within them. Our students not only did well in acting but also gained much self-discipline, self-confidence, staying focus, mature in thinking, being creative, expressive and also other personal aspects of improvement.

#1: Improvisation & Characterisation
#2: Emotion Intelligence
#3: Diction and Proper Pronunciation (English)
#4: Drama Script Boot Camp (English)
#5: 语音和声音掌控
#6: 华文稿训练营 Script Boot Camp (Mandarin)
#7: Audition Techniques & Rehearsal Final Characters Shoot
#8: Show Reel Shooting
#9: The Art of Concentration & Acting with our Senses & Intimacy
#10: Methods of Acting
#11: 汉语拼音 (1)
#12: 汉语拼音 (2)
#13: 声音掌控训练
#14: 語言表演技巧
#15: 小品训练
#16: 华文稿训练营 (2)
#17: 戏剧篇训练
#18: 戏剧篇训练
#19: 短文阅读训练
#20: Camera Blockings
#21: Marketing Technique 2hrs sit in by Parents
#22: Photoshoot (Only for Intensive class)
#23&24: 语言/演技表演彩排
#25: Short Film Production Rehearsal
#26: Short Film Production Shoot

Once per week, weekday evening/weekend, 1.5 hours


$220 per month (Early Bird fee @ $190 per month)

(Commit 6 months of 26 lessons)

6-8 pax 

End of the course, you will get,

1. Certificate of Completion (after 26 lessons)
2. Skills preparation to castings and auditions.

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