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Kids Acting Course 
(4 to 6 yrs old 岁)

About this Course

An introductory course (taught in Mandarin) that prepares the little ones from 3-6 years old in the form of:

这个课程 (以华语教学) 是为3-6岁小学员所设计。


- Linguistic skills 语言能力

- Imagination 幻想能力

- Speech expression 语言表达能力 

- Drama introduction 戏剧创作

- Narration 个人描述

Course Module 课程表

Lesson 1 -  Introduction to drama (basic improvisation) 基础即兴表演

Lesson 2 - Story telling 故事描述

Lesson 3 - Speech progression 语言表达能力训练

Lesson 4 - Puppetry 木偶艺术

Lesson 5 - Poetry 诗歌朗诵艺术

Lesson 6 - Character impersonation 角色模仿

Lesson 7 - Basic Han Yu Pin Yin 基础汉语拼音

Lesson 8 - Character playing 角色扮演

Lesson 9 - Drama with music 戏剧配乐

Lesson 10 - Audition skills 试镜训练

Lesson 11 - Group work filming rehearsal 制作拍摄

Lesson 12 - Video production filming 短片制作

Course Details 课程表

Age : 4-6 yrs
Activities: Speech Art
Available Seats : 8 per class
Course Type : Mandarin
No. of lessons : 12 lessons
Price: S$285 per term (6 lessons)
Course Duration: 3 months

年龄 : 4-6 岁
课程活动 : 言语艺术
班数 : 8 人一班  
课程语言 : 华语
堂次 : 12堂课 (6 堂一学期)
学费: S$285 净价一个学期

Trainer 导师

Lim Xixi, Priscilla

Xixi, 茜茜 is an active Actress, Emcee and Social Media Influencer.

With her big personality and love for kids, she has being teaching Speech and Drama for both preschool and primary school level.  Her experience with kids will definitely make the lesson a fun and interesting one.

Her bright and positive energy will bring great joy and experience to your precious little ones.