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Bilingual Stage Event for Adults/Seniors (Level 2)

Trainers 导师

CKay Lim

Abigail Chay

Chen Bi Feng 陈碧凤

Maia Lee 


- Level 2 is for those Hosting class students who completed Level 1 or
- Individuals with hosting experiences

Continuing from Level 1, this course is set up to provide training sessions for emcees and hosts the chance to practice what you have learnt in class to the camera to event shows. Level 2 will focus on staged shows and bigger events.  

After this course, potential students will be selected and managed under our academy's talent management branch to be marketed for hosting opportunities. 
After the course we will send you your professionally edited show reel with a leaving pack with tons of info about how to find work, opportunities to working your way up, broadcasting trade press, marketing, etc.

Zoom Academy has also been invited by several events and production companies to use Zoom's Host for the event or productions. This thus opens doors of opportunities to the Zoom Academy Hosting Class students.

So don't wait! You are just one step away from realizing your dream as a host.

#1: Government and RC/CC events
#2: Government and RC/CC events
#3: Launch Mechanics and Awards Presentation Skills
#4: Family Day/Team Building event
#5: Children Show events
#6: Comedy Hosting 
#7: Dinner and Dance 
#8: Chinese Hosting
#9:  Singing Vocal trainings
#10: Emcee Marketing techniques & Show Reel Editing training

Once per week, weekday evening/weekend, 1.5 hours

Zoom Academy Students  - $550, 10 lessons 

Public - S$650, 10 lessons

6-8 pax 

End of the course, you will get,
1. Certificate of Completion
2. Emcee jobs opportunities (for potential ones)

3. Types of games played

4. Games Music Tracks

Zoom Host Natalie Hiong hosting at Marina Bay Sands

Zoom Hosts Cherilynn, Dino and Natalie at FAB Day

Zoom Hosts having lessons with renowned stylist Rey Lee