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TV Acting for Teens/Adults/Seniors (Basic)

Trainers 导师

            CKay Lim

Abigail Chay

Chen Bi Feng 陈碧凤


No worries! Learn the craft and techniques with professional training!

This course, not only allows one to have an opportunity to be cast for roles for TV Dramas, advertisements. It also enriches you personally.

Through this course, we aimed to allow individual into exploration in the world of acting and the industry. This course focuses on developing individual's inner-life acting and emotions + expressions evolvement from the heart.

The course involves in many group practical works rather than focuses on theory. We create a positive attitude and habit, allowing you to be able to express themselves effectively and of course, in higher level of self confidence infront of the camera.

Those whom have problems with self-confidence and presentation also came for the course to open up a new horizon to their life.

According to testimonials of past students, they experienced a change (for the better of course!) in themselves after merely 3 lessons. Quiet, shy, difficult to nail down auditions or getting into characters, students have also improved! Many of our students have been taking up acting roles since graduating from the course.


#1: Improvisation  即兴表演  

#2: Characterisation 角色分析

#3: Emotion Intelligence 情

#4: Methods of Acting 演绎技巧

#5: Test Trial

#6: Drama Script Boot Camp (English) (Basic) 英文稿训练营

#7: Script Boot Camp (Mandarin) (Basic) 华文稿训练营

#8: Audition Techniques, Rehearsal & Final Characters Shoot 最后彩排

Once per week, weekday evening/weekend, 1.5 hours


$875, 8 lessons (Early bird discount of 20% at S$700) 

6-8 pax 

End of the course, you will get,

1. Certificate of Completion Level 1
2. Edited Video Show Reel of your monologue.
3. Skills preparation to castings and auditions.

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Zoomer Kenneth in Mediacorp Channel 5 Drama

Zoomers practicing drama script for showcase to trainer

Zoomers doing Final Show Reel Filming