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Who Are We?

Zoom! Academy provides students with a challenging yet friendly atmosphere to learn along with the best opportunities to talent hopefuls out there to acquire the necessary skills to penetrate into the entertainment industry, be it in film/television or hosting and performing.

The academy offers programmes and workshops for all ages in Acting, Video & Event Hosting and Speech & Drama courses all year round. Students from the academy get job assignments after graduation, which allowed the academy to be industrially recognised as one of the most popular media training academy in Singapore.


Zoom! Academy offers all students a dynamic experience with local veteran actors and experienced trainers (Ministry of Education registered) in the industry who are both passionate and dedicated to helping you achieve your ultimate ambition. Courses are held once a weekday evenings and weekend afternoons basis, covering a variety of the skills needed to succeed in the world of Media, Film, Television and Events.

Zoom! Academy trains new actors/host to seasoned actors who are looking for advanced training. The academy also provides an opportunity for students to craft their own scripts to perform in front of the camera. The recorded film work will serve as a demo reel for the students to keep or use for future auditions.

Zoom also have been given the privilege to have casting directors (TV Station, Movies production companies, production companies) to audition our students for roles in their productions. Our students, after joining our course will be going for arranged audition with the local TV station to be a freelance actor with the TV station (depends on their audition performance for selection)

To learn more about our classes and our students' achievement after the course, please the tabs above.

In Zoom! Academy, besides training individuals, we create and also teach opportunities for individual to build their own career platform so as to be able to use the skills they have learnt in their future endeavour.

Zoom Academy学院为学生提供了一个充满挑战而又友善的氛围,让他们学习,同时也为有才华的人们提供了演出/主持机会,以获取必要的技能,以渗透到娱乐业,无论是电影/电视还是主持和表演。

Zoom Academy! 学院全年为表演,视频和活动托管以及演讲和戏剧课程的所有年龄段的学生提供课程和讲习班。学院多数的学生,凭他们学到的技能,毕业后都得演出的工作分配。这使该学院在工业上被公认为新加坡最受欢迎的媒体培训学院之一。  

Zoom Academy! 学院为所有学生提供了与业内资深导师和经验丰富的培训师(教育部注册)的教导体验,他们热情洋溢并致力于帮助学生们实现最终的梦想。


Zoom Academy! 学院将新演员/主持人培训也为学生提供了制作自己的脚本以在镜头前表演的机会。录制的作品将作为演示,供学生保留或用于将来的试镜。



Zoom Academy! 学院除了对个人进行培训外,我们还为个人教导创造自己平台的机会,使他们能够在未来的工作中运用所学的技能。