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Regular Weekly Courses

Zoom! Academy is a training centre for all ages. Courses are held all year round to suit the schedule availability of all individuals. Classes are held usually on weekday evenings or during weekends so it will not affect your busy work/studies schedule. These courses are designed for everyone and you need not have previous background in acting/hosting. 

Click on the programme title to know more about the lesson coverage. 

(17 - 55 years old)

(above 55 years old)

(13 - 16 years old)

(7 - 12 years old)

Artiste Development Programme (for 15 - 23 years old)

At Zoom! Academy, we recognise individuals who wish to develop as an all-rounder artiste. In the Artiste Development Programme, students will be taught the basics of various skills (e.g. sing, dance, act, host, modelling, fashion/styling) to become an artiste. Through this course, students can understand their forte and weaknesses before proceeding to explore deeper into specializations. 

Each programme (I, II or III) covers 2 skills combination. Each skills will span 3 weekly lessons (total 6 lessons each programme), usually held during the weekends. Students may sign up for one or more programme at a time. Click on the programme title to know more about the lesson coverage.