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Artiste Development Programme I
(Singing & Acting)

Trainer Information

Maia Lee was made known to the local music industry through her participation in the first season of Singapore Idol. She gained massive support from audiences with her strong emotional voice. The local singer released album as part of trio, The Usual Suspects, who have three No. 1 Hits on local radio station. 

CKay Lim is a local veteran actor and show host. He shot to fame with his role in local comedy movie "Men In White" directed by Kelvin Tong. Not forgetting to mention the countless drama appearance in the local scene. He has been a drama trainer for 12 years with many students now acting alongside with him. 

Course Content

Through this course, we aimed to allow individual into exploration in the world of singing and acting.

This course focuses on developing basic singing skills and individual's inner-life acting.


Lesson 1: Improvisation

Lesson 2: Characterisation

Lesson 3: Emotional Intelligence 

Lesson 4: Drama Script 


Lesson 5: Introduction to Vocal Warm Up Exercises 

Lesson 6: Basic Singing Techniques

Lesson 7: Duet Singing Techniques

Lesson 8: Showcase



No. of weekly lessons: 8

Duration: 1.5 hours/lesson

Fees: $400*

* Early Bird Discount $50 

* Sign up with a friend or sign up for 2 or more courses and enjoy further discount of $50